Captain’s Points

Trumbull Wrestling Team Captain Points System

I believe that leadership should be an earned responsibility. Not a right, privilege, or entitlement. A leader is expected to do more, not less. That said, I came up with a point system back in 2008 to allow every wrestler the right to be a “Team Captain”. No voting, no popularity contest, no politics. A wrestler earns the right to be a “Team Captain” by participating in a variety of sports, events, camps, and tournaments. This system has proven itself over the years to be effective in producing the best leaders and wrestlers. I have always thought that Team Captainship was a Senior responsibility. It has been a way for me to impart leadership experience to a larger group of wrestlers, regardless of their athletic skill or ability. In the previous years, this has seemed to work very well. I want to keep this program as an intrinsic part of the program. The whole system is based on points earned. In order to be a “Team Captain”, a wrestler must earn 300 points by their senior year of wrestling. All wrestlers begin with zero points their freshman year when they start wrestling. This starts the slate clean for everyone, and no one is penalized for not doing a sport or club the fall season of their freshman year. To be a captain, you must start wrestling by your sophomore year, and you still need to earn all 300 points. The year is broken down into 4 seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring, & Summer). You at a minimum would need to earn 25 points per season. You can obviously earn more or less per season, but the average needs to be 25 points. A wrestler will need to earn at least half of their points in wrestling related activities. Points are earned as follows:

Trumbull High School Sport – 25 points. The multi-sport athlete is a better athlete. Most college football coaches these days do not want to see the single sport athlete. Multi-Sport athletes are more mobile, less inclined to injury, and better rounded. We will give points for sports sponsored by the high school. Unfortunately recreational league sports, Babe Ruth, Legion baseball, etc. do not count for points. If you are participating in a sport or activity that you think constitutes points, talk to a coach beforehand and we will discuss a point value if we think it is warranted. After the fact discussions will not be visited.

Wrestling Club – Participation in a Fall or Spring Wrestling Club – 25 points. You are expected to actively participate in the club on a regular basis. You can only earn 25 points per season regardless if you participate in multiple clubs.

Off Season Tournaments – 3 – 6 points each. Depending on the duration of the tournament, 3 to 6 points, or more will be given. A one day tournament will be 3 points, a two day tournament will be 6 points. Going to the USAW Nationals and wrestling in Freestyle and Greco – 12 points.

Wrestling Day Camp – 10 points. Two sessions per day for 5 days. You must attend all 5 days or points will be discounted.

Overnight Wrestling Camp – Typically 3 points per day for the duration. Example 5 day camp = 15 points. However, longer camps are worth more. The 28 day J-Rob camp is worth 90 points. The 14 day camps are worth 45. See me prior to going if you have a question.

National Team Practice – 1point. The weekend practices held at the CT National Team sites.

Referee Training – 2 points for getting your USAW Referee card. The classes/clinics are held in the fall.

Refereeing – 1 point per event. Plus you will typically make more than $100 per event.

Injuries – They happen. When a wrestler is injured, and cannot participate in off-season training or sports, your clock stops. This information must be conveyed to the coach immediately. If a majority of a season is lost, your point total requirements will be dropped by 25 points per season. A minor injury, does not constitute the subtraction of the 25 points. Example: If you are out for 2-3 weeks, you just start up when you are capable, and you do not lose points. If you are injured for a longer period of time, and were not predicting to reach the 300 points based on your previous participation, you will not receive a bye however.

I expect that this system will allow and inspire the team members to put in the necessary effort required to improve as wrestlers and athletes, and be a “Team Captain” if that is their goal. The right to put on a college resume “Wrestling Team Captain” should have substance, and be something that instills pride. Other members of the team should look at the Captains and say to themselves “They Earned It!”

Yours in wrestling,

Coach  Anderson

Trumbull High School and Youth Wrestling Program