Captain’s Points

Trumbull Wrestling Team Captain Guidelines 

After several years of using the Captain’s Point System, I have been extremely pleased with the individuals named Captain and I truly believe that individuals that want to be a captain should earn the right and not just have the title handed to them. Coach Anderson and I have decided that the system currently in place will remain. It has proven itself over the years to be effective in producing the best leaders and wrestlers. I have always believed that Team Captainship was a Senior responsibility. The leadership of the team was entrusted to the Seniors as a whole, and not just to select individuals. It was a way for me to impart leadership experience to a larger group. In my previous years, this has seemed to work very well. I want to keep this commitment as an intrinsic part of the program.

I expect that this system will inspire the team members to put in the necessary effort required to improve as wrestlers and athletes. The right to put on a college resume “Wrestling Team Captain” should have substance, and be something that instills pride. Other members of the team should look at the Captains and say to themselves “They Earned It!”

The guidelines for the opportunity to be a Team Captain may be downloaded at this link.

Yours in wrestling,

Coach Anderson

Trumbull High School and Youth Wrestling Program