Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

The Trumbull Takedown Club is grateful for our team of volunteers who have worked to make our wrestling program an incredible success. Our club realizes that wrestling teaches an array of life lessons that can be translated into nearly any endeavor that our children undertake in the future. These traits include self-confidence, discipline, mental toughness, sportsmanship, competitiveness, physical fitness and self defense.

The Takedown Club has used its resources wisely to support the high school wrestling program. In the past, we have purchased several new mats, score clocks, portable bleachers, computers, built a new website, and most importantly, provided training scholarships for our wrestlers.

If our program is to endure, it is imperative that our circle of dedicated wrestling parents and community members continues to grow. We hope that you will step along side us this season. We know that there are many skilled and creative parents who have much to add to our organization.

This season, volunteers are needed to help at several tournaments and at  Senior Night and Alumni Night.

We are grateful for whatever time you can give. Thank you in advance for attending our upcoming planning meetings.  Volunteer sign-up forms will be posted shortly.

With much appreciation,

Cathleen Kosak
Trumbull Takedown Club

Trumbull High School and Youth Wrestling Program